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The Best Chinese Food Restaurant in Every State: Tennessee

For the last 20 years, brothers Eddie (Mr. Eddie to regulars) and Alfred Pao have been serving up their take on traditional American-Chinese food at the popular Formosa. They recently expanded into Japanese, Thai and Korean flavors (while staying close to their Chinese roots) at Mosa Asian Bistro. Memphis Yelpers are glad they did. “You can’t beat good, quality food prepared by Mr. Eddie,” says Andrew B. of Southaven, who has eaten at Mosa about 30 times. You can’t go wrong with the Mosa wraps, rainbow Panang coconut curry, Korean BBQ, and the lineup of rice plates. Don’t forget to top it all off with one of Mrs. Pao’s homemade cupcakes.

Mosa Asian Bistro’s lo mein is just one example of the creative approach some of the best Chinese restaurants take on classic and original dishes. Photo: Mosa Asian BistroChinese food is an American obsession. Almost everyone has a favorite dish they can find on just about any menu at any Chinese restaurant in the country. Some restaurants,however, are just better than others.

In our attempt to pinpoint the best Chinese restaurants in each state and Washington, D.C., we reached out to Yelp data scientists. They compiled a list based on the number of stars and amount of reviews each restaurant received from Yelpers. The higher the combined number, the better the ranking. Some of the restaurants serve a variety of Asian cuisine – such as Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese – but devote a large portion of their menu to Chinese food, according to the reviews and menus.Compiling any “best of” restaurant list is a dangerous mission and risks offending at least a few of the faithful. People have their favorite go-to spot and not much can be done to break their devotion. While we salute their loyalty, we also embrace discovery, adventure, and sharing. This list represents that spirit.If you’re looking for a change, a proven winner while traveling, or a dish your local favorite just doesn’t serve, these restaurants are all worth visiting. They received mostly high marks (overall four to five stars out of five) for quality food; full, well-balanced flavors; decent portions; reasonable prices; and generally good service.After reading through hundreds of Yelp reviews, a few other trends and highlights emerged:

— Location doesn’t matter. There’s always a strong concentration of great Asian restaurants in any big city, but you’re likely to a find a rival to many of them in tertiary cities, small towns, and the middle of nowhere. Pleasant surprises lurk where you’ll least expect them.

— While most of these restaurants serve a full variety of Americanized favorites, many delve deep into authentic dishes. Sometimes they’re on the menu, sometimes they aren’t. Always ask.

— Odds are you’ll find the restaurant owner, or a close family member, working the floor or stove at many of these restaurants. They appreciate the business, like to chat, and will do what they can to accommodate.

— “Fusion” is no longer a dirty word. More restaurants are serving multiple types of Asian food and doing it well. The sushi is often as good and fresh as the Chinese food.

— Many of these restaurants are small and hard to find. If you happen to miss one on the first pass, keep trying. Chances are you’ll be glad you did.

Source: Yahoo Food

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at 3:55 PM